Daniel Uytterhaeghe, known as Duytter by his artist's name, is a painter from Lille, born in 1963.from 1979 to 1985, he studied applied arts at the ESAAT in roubaix, then became a graphic designer in textile creation for clothing and furnishings.from 1984, he produced his first urban scenes, playing with framing and light.a personal dynamic was established in his vision of reality. Far from copying the original photograph or sketch, he succeeds in sublimating scenes that may seem banal to the public. More than a subject or a character, his works convey a particular atmosphere, a poetic moment captured in a snapshot and reproduced with the artist's particular technique. A fascinating transposition of reality, Duytter delivers a poetic and moving city, like a photograph taken at a moment's notice or a freeze-frame.Duytter is fascinated by sustained architecture and luminous contrasts. Duytter's paintings freeze the moment in the manner of a photographer who adds a visionary note to the present moment, so as to create a record of our society for future generations.