Born in Montreal, Josée Forest has been exhibiting in renowned galleries since 2009. A self-taught painter with a passion for vivid colors and textures, she interweaves bold, unexpected and surprising hues in her subjects. The structure of the painting results from the artist's intuition to challenge transparencies, depths and richness of color. A whirlwind between contemporary figurative and abstract, Josée Forest captivates us by integrating a touch of hyper-realism into each of her works, a strength that has characterized her since the very beginning and for which she is renowned. Always on large-format canvases, she embraces us and draws us into a world of freedom through the nonchalance of her brushstrokes, whose gestures are sometimes sensual, sometimes spirited. The imperfect becomes harmonious in the depth of the movement that is created, bringing strength and emotion to her creations.unruly emotion enriches consciousness.her works are part of many private and corporate collections around the world, including Canada, the United States, Mexico, France, England, Japan, China and Australia.