A native of Saint-Tropez on the Côte d'Azur, Natalie Laudon first learned the art of leatherworking in her youth, working alongside her father. Drawing on her experience in leather working, she launched her first leather goods collection with a line of handbags, which proved a huge success with major luxury brands. She then moved to New York to expand her business. There, she discovered a group of artists with eclectic aspirations, and moved among them: some were pioneers of Street Art, vandals as they were then known, adorning the walls of the Big Apple with their bombs and stencils; others took up the torch of Pop Art left by an aging Lichenstein and Warhol; still others flourished in a brand-new musical genre that would later be emulated: Hip Hop.A few years later, she met a painter who would later become her husband, and decided to return to Paris, where they would start a family. As a young mother, she devoted herself entirely to her children, who unwittingly became her new source of inspiration. Cartoons, comic strips and the world of animation in general influence her art, which becomes all the stronger for it. Marvel superheroes join the pin-ups and icons of film and song that had already populated Natalie Laudon's imagination since her American youth, and through a skilful system of collage, this wonderful world blends and intertwines to create colorful pop sculptures.