Dominique Rayou was born in Bordeaux in 1957. A self-taught artist, he has been sculpting marble since 1980. The man who is sensitive to this material communicates with it and through it... Dominique RAYOU is present in a quarry from sunrise to sunset, observing, his eye riveted to the material, his mind guiding his hand. His chisel is already caressing the marble, like the needle on a sundial printing shadow on light. As he chooses his block, he knows how he will reveal the richness of the material through the birth of a shape, a surface, a skin. Light again reveals convergences, dreams, vibrations, intersections, metamorphosesRayou's work is in numerous public collections: French Embassy in Austria 1986 | City of Sarlat 1991 | Hôtel de région midi Pyrénées 1992 | Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Toulouse 1992 | Fondation 15 square de Vergennes 2003 | Fondation Het Depot (Netherlands) 2004, 2005, 2012 | Musée d'art moderne de la ville de Tunis 2007 | Conseil général de la Dordogne 2007 | Conseil général de l'Eure 2010.