There's no need to introduce Samuel Azuelos, whose personality leaves a lasting impression on those who have had the pleasure of admiring his paintings. Samuel Azuelos invites us on a journey to the heart of Morocco and the Orient, in the flamboyance of colors that are unfailingly attached to him. All is silence and beauty in this art so imbued with spirituality, endowed with a strange spell and through which the spirit finds fertile nourishment. Samuel AZUELOS transcends his subject matter in works that are constructed and stripped of all accessories. The towns and villages he paints bear witness to a thousand-year-old culture that is still very much alive. Jerusalem and Qumran, symbolic places of faith and religious heritage immortalized by the Dead Sea Scrolls, among others, evoke in him a sense of eternity, the passing of the founding witness between generations for so many centuries.Intimate, as if to protect themselves, the secret houses, closed in on themselves, with walls pierced by narrow and rare windows, obey a rigorous geometric division, a little like a jigsaw puzzle in which each piece is delimited by a decisive line.From this unique, highly personal art emanates an inner and outer radiance, an incitement to reflection in a climate of unquestionable spirituality.All his canvases exude a deafening warmth and vibration. The only question is: where will she go next?